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Chad started blowing glass in 1996, and for over 20 years has been creating high quality artistic pipes.  Although he is best known for his themed pieces, such as ice cream, wood, morels, lawn mowers, treehouses, meditation faces, his body of work spans endless styles and techniques.  Over the years, his work has been seen in many publications, including Smoked Vol.II, Chess Pieces by Hitman Glass, Nug Magazine, as well as Skunk Magazine. He has also taught several classes, done many demonstrations, and participated in various flame-offs from coast to coast. Welcome to his page.

  • This collaborative show I am curating will take place on May 20, 2023, at Tleaf Gallery in Tallahassee Florida.  40+ pipemakers with over 20yrs experience making pipes are throwing down on some amazing pieces to be features in a book / Gallery show. If you’re......

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